Card Destruction

Name Card Destruction
Card Type Spell Card
Property Normal
Passcode 72892473
Status (TCG) Unlimited

Both players discard as many cards as possible from their hands, then each player draws the same number of cards they discarded. Limited


2022-12-02 Structure Deck: Dark World SR13-EN032

2018-12-06 OTS Tournament Pack 9 OP09-EN008

2015-11-12 Yugi's Legendary Decks YGLD-ENB27

2012-09-29 Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World Mega Pack LCYW-EN060

2011-10-13 Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck SDGU-EN028

2011-03-04 Dragunity Legion Structure Deck SDDL-EN030

2010-05-28 Starter Deck: Duelist Toolbox 5DS3-EN021

2008-11-21 Dark Legends DLG1-EN085

2008-10-21 Zombie World Structure Deck SDZW-EN031

2008-07-08 Retro Pack RP01-EN084

2006-07-12 Structure Deck: Lord of the Storm SD8-EN018

2004-03-01 Starter Deck: Yugi Evolution SYE-032

2002-08-08 Starter Deck: Yugi SDY-042