Crusader of Endymion

Name Crusader of Endymion
Archetype Endymion
Level 4
ATK / DEF 1900 / 1200
Passcode 73853830
Status (TCG) Unlimited

This card is treated as a Normal Monster while face-up on the field or in the GY. While this card is a Normal Monster on the field, you can Normal Summon it to have it become an Effect Monster with this effect.
●Once per turn: You can target 1 face-up card on the field that you can place a Spell Counter on; place 1 Spell Counter on it, and if you do, this card gains 600 ATK until the end of this turn.


2019-04-19 Structure Deck: Order of the Spellcasters SR08-EN006

2017-07-06 Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge BLLR-EN048

2009-11-17 Stardust Overdrive SOVR-EN030