CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom

CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom

Name CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom
ATK / DEF 2400 / 2000
Materials 4 Level 4 monsters
Status (TCG) Unlimited

4 Level 4 monsters
Once per turn, during your opponent's End Phase, if your opponent has more cards in their hand than you do: They discard 1 card. If this card has "Battlecruiser Dianthus" as an Xyz Material, it gains this effect.
●You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; inflict 300 damage to your opponent for each card on the field. You can only use this effect of "CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom" once per turn.


2013-07-12 Number Hunters NUMH-EN044