Elemental HERO Marine Neos

Elemental HERO Marine Neos

Name Elemental HERO Marine Neos
Level 8
ATK / DEF 2800 / 2300
Materials "Elemental HERO Neos" + "Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin"
Passcode 5128859
Status (TCG) Unlimited

"Elemental HERO Neos" + "Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin"
Must first be Special Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by shuffling the above cards you control into the Deck. (You do not use "Polymerization".) Once per turn: You can destroy 1 random card in your opponent's hand.


2011-10-04 Legendary Collection 2: The Duel Academy Years Mega Pack LCGX-EN062

2007-08-15 Tactical Evolution TAEV-EN041