Trial of the Princesses

Name Trial of the Princesses
Card Type Spell Card
Archetype Pendulum Magician
Property Equip
Passcode 72709014
Status (TCG) Unlimited

Equip only to "White Magician Pikeru" or "Ebon Magician Curran"; it gains 800 ATK. During a turn that the equipped monster destroyed a Level 5 or higher monster by battle, you can Tribute the equipped monster and this card to Special Summon from your hand or Deck: 1 "Princess Pikeru" if you Tributed "White Magician Pikeru", or 1 "Princess Curran" if you Tributed "Ebon Magician Curran".


2007-11-14 Dark Revelation Volume 4 DR04-EN164

2006-02-18 Shadow of Infinity SOI-EN044