Field Spell Card

Field Spell Card
Field Spell Cards have the advantage of being able to change the entire state of the Field for its controller or for both players. They are Spell Speed 1 and placed in the Field Zone, apart from the Spell & Trap Zones.

Field Spell Effects
Most Field Spell Cards center around boosting ATK and/or DEF for Cards with Specific Attributes, Types, or Archetypes. However, many Field Spells have other Effects, such as recycling Cards ("Madolche Chateau"), weakening the opponent's Monsters ("Shien's Castle of Mist"), searching Monsters and/or swarming the field ("Naturia Forest") or even preventing the Field from being swarmed ("Summon Breaker"). Most Field Spells affect all players, but some apply their Effects only to their controller's side of the Field ("The Seal of Orichalcos").

The Field Zone
Field Spell Cards must be placed in the Field Zone. Since July 10th, 2014 both players are able to control a single Field Spell Card. Before it was only possible to have a single Field Spell Card active on either side of the field, and when another one was activated, the previous Field Spell Card would have been destroyed via Game Mechanics.

You may activate or set a Field Spell Card at any time during your Main Phase. If you already have a Card in your Field Zone, the existing Card is sent to the Graveyard first. Field Spells must remain on the field to resolve, so their Effect(s) is not applied if they are destroyed before they can resolve (for example, if "Mystical Space Typhoon" is chained to that Field Spell Card's activation).