Normal Spell Card

Normal Spell Card

Normal Spell Card
A Normal Spell Card is a Spell Speed 1 Spell Card, so it cannot Chain to other Effects, even those of other Normal Spell Cards, but can be chained to by Spell Speed 2 or Spell Speed 3 Cards.

Set and Activate
You may Set a Normal Spell Card and activate it on the same turn, which is useful if you plan to use Effects of Cards that discard from your hand (such as "Card Destruction") to keep their useful Spell Cards from being discarded.

Only during your Main Phase
Normal Spell Cards can only be activated during your Main Phase 1 and Main Phase 2, with the exception of "Curse of Fiend", which can only be activated during the Standby Phase.

After it Resolves
After the Chain in which the Normal Spell Card was activated resolves, it is sent to the Graveyard unless the Normal Spell Card specifies that it remains on the field (such as "Swords of Revealing Light").

Normal Spell Cards have no icon.