Ritual Spell Card

Ritual Spell Card

Ritual Spell Card
Ritual Spell Cards are a type of Spell Card used to Ritual Summon Ritual Monsters.

In order to activate a Ritual Spell Card you typically need a free Spell & Trap Zone to activate the Ritual Spell Card; the corresponding Ritual Monster in your Hand and the stated Material Monsters. You also need a free Main Monster Zone to summon the Monster onto.

Demanding to Use
Ritual Spell Cards tend to be demanding to use due to their highly specific activation requirements and high cost, and for that reason they are arguably the least used type of Spell Cards.

Advanced Ritual Art
"Advanced Ritual Art" is often used over other Ritual Spell Cards due to its ability to use Monsters from the Main Deck instead of the Field/hand and is considered a staple for Ritual-based Decks.