Ninjitsu Art of Transformation

Name Ninjitsu Art of Transformation
Card Type Trap Card
Archetype Ninja
Property Continuous
Status (TCG) Unlimited

Activate this card by Tributing 1 face-up "Ninja" monster; Special Summon 1 Beast, Winged Beast, or Insect monster from your hand or Deck whose Level is less than or equal to the Level the Tributed monster had on the field +3. When this card leaves the field, destroy that monster.


2018-08-16 Shadows in Valhalla SHVA-EN028

2016-07-15 OTS Tournament Pack 2 OP02-EN011

2012-01-01 Turbo Pack: Booster Seven TU07-EN019

2006-07-12 Structure Deck: Lord of the Storm SD8-EN035

2005-10-20 Dark Revelation Volume 2 DR2-EN164

2004-06-01 Ancient Sanctuary AST-052