Thousand Knives

Name Thousand Knives
Card Type Spell Card
Archetype Dark Magician
Property Normal
Passcode 63391643
Status (TCG) Unlimited

If you control "Dark Magician": Target 1 monster your opponent controls; destroy that target.


2019-01-24 Speed Duel Starter Decks: Destiny Masters SS01-ENA09

2017-10-05 Legendary Dragon Decks LEDD-ENA19

2016-10-06 Legendary Decks II LDK2-ENY27

2015-11-12 Yugi's Legendary Decks YGLD-ENB19

2013-12-06 Starter Deck: Yugi Reloaded YSYR-EN031

2012-09-29 Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World Mega Pack LCYW-EN067

2008-01-08 Champion Pack: Game Five CP05-EN018

2003-11-18 Power of Chaos Promos PCY-E003